„To cook without spices is like composing an orchestral opus without a string section.” Stuart Farrimond

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POP-UP Store

Our Pop-Up Store is a place where we offer you limited stock, short-life, very rare or seasonal products. Our aim is to discover exciting products together from time to time, without the challenge of holding stock for long periods. And we look forward to the next year again, to see if there's something new or something old... The same space will also host the various COLLAB products, also in limited editions. Our aim is to create objects, things and services that will also be of interest to our partners in this B2B sector. We would also like to show on our site creators and their brands who think like us but in a different field. Still, their work inspires us too and we are eager to see what's new as a result of our joint thinking and work. Why have we created this Pop-Up store here? We believe that the everyday use of spices is essential, both to enhance the experience of colour and flavour, and to support our health by bringing out their benefits. But we like variety, we like to be able to try new flavours from time to time, even though we know their availability is finite, but for now we're lucky enough to enjoy them. Equally, using different teas seasonally can be not only more exciting, but functionally more purposeful. For example, fresh green teas in the spring months, refreshing matcha tea in the summer, delicious apple tea in the autumn might be the place to make a delicious tea, while warming spiced tea might be the ideal drink for the winter chill. The POP-UP Store gives you the opportunity to try these exotic spices, spice blends and teas, and to find inspiration for your food and drink making, as well as learn about the work of other entrepreneurs. So don't hesitate, feel free to try these rare delicacies or adventure with collab products. Let us enjoy this experience, they are only available here and now.

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