„To cook without spices is like composing an orchestral opus without a string section.” Stuart Farrimond

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Lush Herb Garden e-book

We were brought together by the idea of a spice garden... It was so easy for all three of us to connect with this theme so quickly that we knew from the start that something great was going to come of it.

Georgina Kökény, horticulturist-garden designer and founder of Sloe Garden Ltd. and owner of the Buja gardens brand.

Dr. Orsolya Vas is the founder of ALPAKA Ltd., a wholesale company for special spices and teas.

Gábor Éva Molnár, garden engineer and founder of Évakert.hu, where chemical-free lawn and garden care begins.

The result of our joint work is an e-book, bringing you the Buja herb garden guide, combining the professional knowledge of all three of us.

What do you find in the e-book and why is it useful?

We designed it to provide both consumers and food business owners with important information and professional ideas. We believe that this material can help you as well, despite the fact that the relationship between ALPAKA and you is basically based on the trade of dry spices. But we find that those who love spices also appreciate live herbs.

We've put together tips on what herbs need, how they can take you on culinary journeys, recipes you can use them in or recommend them to your partners, and a little extra content to introduce you to the school of flavours.

This e-book will only be available for download after payment. If you purchased it with other products, COD, we will make the e-book available the next day after you receive and pay for your herb package, based on GLS's notification.