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Fennel seeds

Fennel seed, whole

Origin of fennel, natural habitat

The heat-demanding fennel plant has been a spice and herb known since ancient times and is native to the Mediterranean region. As it adapts well to the continental climate thanks to breeding of thousands of years, where three varieties of fennel are grown that are the most important varieties in gastronomy and medicinal use: sweet fennel, cumin and Florence fennel bulbs.

What foods can fennel be used for?

The smell and taste of fennel is very similar to anise, although it cannot be used to replace it completely. The seeds and bulbs of fennel have a significant gastronomic and medicinal value, its foliage which looks similar to dill can also be consumed.

  • Whole fennel seeds and leaves are used as ingredients in soups, fish dishes, cabbage dishes.
  • Grated fennel bulbs can be used in dishes made from cabbage, but can also for green salads and to flavor pasta sauces. One bulb per head, steamed grated or sliced,can be a lovely dish. Baked in the oven with a small amount of sugar, olive oil and lemon, it is a pleasantly aromatic garnish for fried meats and roasts.
  • In addition to wormwood and anis seed, fennel is the most important ingredient in absinthe.
  • Fennel seed as a component of herbal teas is a digestive stimulant, a common active ingredient in anti-bloating tea blends for babies and tea blends that increase breast milk production for expectant mothers.
  • Fennel seed oil is one of the best relievers of the unpleasant symptoms of common stomach health problems, 1kg of oil can be extracted from 20kg of fennel seeds.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.



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