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Anis seed

Anis seed

The origin and natural habitat of anise

Anise is a characteristic flowering plant of the Mediterranean,  its seed has been known since ancient times and was commonly used not only for cooking but also in medicine.

The fact that it is already widespread throughout the world is due to trade; it reached all parts of Europe, Rome, Egypt, even in ancient times, and was even used as a means of payment in the Middle East. Anise is not to be confused with star anise, which is the dried flower of a tree related to magnolia.

What foods can anise be used for?

Anise seeds are worth using whole, because when crushed they quickly lose their characteristic flavour. We should be careful with the amount we add because it is very dominant, so only use a small amount of it at a time.

  • The characteristic taste of aniseed is perfect for one-course dishes, soups made from potatoes, figs, pumpkins, squashes and beetroot.
  • It adds a unique taste to game dishes.
  • It can also be used for sauces and ragouts.
  • It has a taste that can be combined very well with spices used for curry-type dishes.
  • It can be added to savoury and sweet cakes as well
  • other sweet desserts , like fruit compotes and preserves.
  • It gives biscuits an exceptionally aromatic character.
  • Anise is a spice that can be used in versatile ways in liqueur production as well: it is used in Ouzo in Greece, Absinthe in France, in the Italian Anesone and Galliano, as well as other Swedish, Bulgarian, and Turkish anise liqueurs.



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