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Laurel leaves ground

Laurel leaves (bay leaves) ground

Place of origin and history of bay leaves

Laurels grow in the tropical and subtropical forests in the  Mediterranean, of which the leaves of the bay laurel  is one of the first plants used in cooking. It was used not only for healing and seasoning food, but also as an ornamental plant. Bay leaf is a popular ingredient in Mediterranean, Balkan and Middle Eastern cuisine.

In what dishes can laurel leaf be used?

Dried bay leaves can be used whole, crumbled or ground to flavor several types of  dishes. Laurel leaves in ground form can be used in a versatile and economical way exceptionally well. While the whole bay leaf retains much of its flavour for three years, the ground version of the laurel leaf retains its distinctive taste and aroma for only one year. Ground bay leaf is typically used in dishes as a form of the whole leaf for flavouring.  However, the ground form allows it to be used as an ingredient for various spice blends.

  • Soups and vegetables made from various beans and cut yellow and green beans would be almost unimaginable without laurel leaves.
  • The ground version of the laurel leaf lends a unique taste to soups, as well as casserole and baked dishes made from cabbage, potatoes, Jerusalem artichokes or legumes.
  • Laurel leaf goes well with oregano, marjoram, black pepper and garlic, lemon, thyme, juniper and cumin. The spice mixture prepared in this way can also be used for pre-marinating grilled foods or for cooking various pickled vegetables.
  • Ground laurel leaf is unbeatable in flavouring broths, goulash,  sour soups and game dishes.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.


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