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Black pepper crushed

Cracked black pepper

Origin and natural habitat of black pepper

Black pepper from Asia is the second most important spice besides salt, which is the fruit, also known as peppercorn, of a flowering vine called piper nigrum. Black pepper is harvested when it is still unripe and then dried in the sun.

How to make Cracked Black Pepper?

Various processing procedures result in significant differences in the properties of spices. Cracked black pepper is a coarsely cracked form of peppercorns. Although they have the same effect, ground and cracked black pepper are not interchangeable. This is because cracked black pepper retains its intense flavour for a longer period of time thanks to its smaller evaporating surface, and this feature makes it an important ingredient to prepare food.

What foods can be used with cracked black pepper?

Cracked black pepper is also widely used to season steak.

Cracked black pepper can be added, for example:

  • peeled or roasted vegetables,
  • for fried or grilled meat and fish dishes,
  • for vegetable and meat broths,
  • ragouts,
  • sauces,
  • for various gravies and creams,
  • for sprinkling and decorating pastries.

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