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Kala Namak fine black salt

Kala Namak fine-grained rock salt

The origin of Kala Namak fine-grained rock salt

Kala Namak rock salt is found in the northern and central regions of India, in its unrefined form it has a lilac or brown shade . Kala Namak rock salt of volcanic origin has a strong sulphurous taste, the aroma and color suggest the presence of iron, sulfur and magnesium, all of which have physiological significance. The production of Kala Namak is a minimum 24-hour procedure, as the unrefined rock salt is burned with coal in an oven and then finely ground, during which the dark-colored mineral salt turns a pale lilac, brown, or even pinkish hue.

What foods can Kala Namak fine-grained rock salt be used for?

 In addition to Indian cuisine, Kala Namak rock salt is popular in Pakistani, Nepalese, and Bangladeshi cuisine, and can be used boldly to prepare traditional dishes from this region.

  • The strong, sulphurous aroma of Kala Namak rock salt is partially dispersed during cooking, it gets significantly milder, so it can even be added to make fruity dishes and desserts.
  •  Kala Namak fine-grained rock salt is also suitable for flavoring chutneys and other dips made from vegetables and fruits.
  •  A really interesting taste effect can be achieved by seasoning the yoghurt dressings of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine, or even the tzatziki with Kala Namak salt.
  •  Kala Namak is especially tasty in chickpea dishes.
  •  In addition to cumin, coriander, ginger, dried green mango, black pepper, asafoetida, peppermint and chili, fine-grained rock salt of Kala Namak is one of the main ingredients in the traditional Indian spice blend, Chaat Masala.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.


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