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Sage rubbed

The origin and natural habitat of sage

Sage has been known as an ornamental, medicinal and herb plant since ancient times, and its numerous variations grow mostly in the Mediterranean regions, but it also lives in drier, warmer areas of Central Europe. All colour varieties have a distinctive, unmistakable aroma and taste.

What foods can rubbed sage be used for?

Fresh sage buds and dried, rubbed leaves are mostly used in traditional dishes from the Balkans, the Mediterranean and the Middle East. The food in this region is characterized by strong seasoning, so food intended for the European stomach requires careful and cautious dosing.

Fine dosing is not only important for this reason: sage is able to reduce the flavour of other condiments, therefore ruining the overall effect.

  • This strong-tasting herb goes very well with other ingredients traditionally used in Mediterranean cuisine, such as rosemary, thyme, oregano, basil, garlic, and of course olive oil.
  • The flavours of game ragouts, bone broths, fish soups and fish stews can be made even more delicious by using a little sage.
  • Ragouts and pasta  sauces can also be made unique with a bit of sage.
  • Rubbed form of sage can also be used to make a variety of meat and vegetable fillings, as well as casseroles and baked dishes.
  • Cheeses combined with thyme and sage are a great march not only to salads, but also on their own.
  • Sage is also excellent for marinating grilled meat and fish.

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