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Rosemary cut

Rosemary dried

Origin of rosemary, natural habitat

Rosemary, which is an evergreen, used as an ornamental and medicinal plant as well, originates from the Mediterranean region, like thyme and basil, and is in fact a very close relative of sage.

What foods can rosemary be used for?

Rosemary is a widely used plant, as it has been used not only to flavour food, but also to make various tinctures, herbal spirits and distillates since ancient times. Rosemary is, one might say, one of the most universal herbs. Its culinary use is most traditional in the Mediterranean, Balkan, Central and Eastern European regions, but we can also find rosemary in recipes of the British Isles and Scandinavia, which is an example of the popularity of this herb.

  • Rosemary is an ingredient in traditional French and Italian cuisine, it is also used for pasta sauces, ragouts, and to flavour a variety of cheeses, breads and pastries.
  • The crumbled off version of rosemary can be used as an ingredient for various spice mixes, spice oils and spice vinegars, as well as for pre-marinating grilled fish and meat.
  • It is particularly suitable for seasoning steaks, stews and roasts made from game, lamb, mutton and goat meat.
  • In the flavouring of minced, layered, stuffed vegetables, meat and vegetable patties, croquettes, we can definitely trust the dried version of rosemary.
  • It gives an excellent flavour to dishes made from various types of mushrooms.
  • Rosemary goes well with Mediterranean condiments, as well as garlic, herbs, different types of onions, and black pepper.

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