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Nutmeg whole 80/85 250g

Nutmeg is actually two spices in one, but its nut and flower are used separately.

The whole nutmeg presented here is produced in Indonesia and Grenada, in premium quality:

The premium category is indicated by a number, according to which there are roughly 80-85 or 100-110 grains per 1 kg, so their size is relatively homogenous within the category.

Interesting fact: Nutmeg was also said to have been used to flavour beers in the Middle Ages! (Based on Geoffrey Chauser's description). It was one of the most popular oriental spices at the time, the second most sought after spice after pepper. Because of its popularity and exoticism, its price sometimes skyrocketed: there were times when half a kilogram was given for three sheep or one cow.

The nutmeg is also included in the national flag of Grenada, it is their national symbol.


Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.


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250 g/pcs
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