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Fleur de Sel

Fleur du Sel

The origin of the Fleur du Sel

In the salt evaporation ponds of the Iberian Peninsula, located in the Ria Formosa and the Sapal de Castro Marim nature reserves, not only sunshine but also a light breeze is required to produce Fleur du Sel. A fine crystalline layer forms on the surface of the drying salt water only when the wind blows from the favorable direction. In so-called salt farms, “flowers of salt” are still collected by hand, using wood rakes. Its extraction is a time-sensitive process, as  these salt flakes, if not harvested in time, sink to the bottom of the salt basin. Originally a rosy hue, the salt fades to snow white in one day, and another year of maturation is required for Fleur du Sel, also known as the Queen of Salts, to be marketed. As a result of the long extraction process, Fleur du Sel, which is very rich in vital minerals and trace elements, is a real rarity.

What foods can the salt flower be used for - Fleur du Sel?

Enhancing the taste of ready-to-eat foods is the primary purpose of using  Fleur du Sel, which is why it is mostly used as table salt and for seasoning cold dishes and cold refreshing foods and drinks.

  •  Fleur du Sel, containing numerous minerals, including iron, magnesium, and potassium, has a slightly bitter taste.
  • Fleur du Sel has a stronger effect but a milder taste than traditional, refined table salt.
  • The texture of the  Fleur du Sel is soft, slightly crispy and easy to crumble with your fingers.


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