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Salt pearl - Fleur de Sel

Pearl salt

The origin of pearl salt

Pearl salt from Namibia is formed where the Namib Desert meets the Atlantic Ocean. The combined presence of dry southwest winds, icy water from Antarctica, and hot sunshine results in a special product. First, in the form of salt flowers, the salt crystallizes on the water surface, and then, sinking to the bottom of the pond, the ripple forms it into wonderful, snow-white pearls.

The saltwater basins of the Namibian oceanfront are located in protected areas that are also a real paradise on earth for bird and nature lovers, so the region is free from all kinds of industrial pollution. Namibian pearls are therefore not only special because of their shape and snow-white color, but also because of their extraordinary purity. Some salt pearls can grow to the point that a file is required for manual processing, but are usually sold in sizes from 2 to 4 mm.

The hard structure of the salt pearl obviously requires a hand-held salt mill, and the special care adds heart and soul to the cooking process. Salt pearls are an excellent alternative to both fine-grained and large-grained sea salt varieties, however, it is noteworthy that it has a less intense flavour. Its aesthetic value is outstanding, in some places it is also known as caviar salt, as the tiny salt balls are extremely similar to the caviar which is known to be a gourmet snack.

What foods can salt pearls be used for?

The smaller salt pearls can be used in the same way as Fleur du Sel, while the larger grains are best used for flavoring soups, sauces, stews and for cooking pasta. Namibian salt pearl can also be used as a finishing salt and for post-salting.

  • It enhances the taste of all foods, suppresses the bitter taste, creates a fuller harmony for foods with a high starch content (e.g. potatoes, rice, beans, corn, carrots and beets).
  • Sprinkled on raw foods, it lends a sublime flavour to salads, sushi.
  • Mixing with fresh fruits, a truly special flavour combination can be achieved by using salt pearls.



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