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Rose tea 250g

Rose tea 250g
Rose tea 250g

Ingredients: black tea leaves, rose petals


The rose flower can also be consumed as food, creating a romantic atmosphere with its look.

As black tea, we recommend it mainly in the winter season, when you have a few calm minutes, so that in addition to the beauty of the rose petals, you also have time to develop their taste.


Health benefits of ingredients:

Black tea:

  • invigorates
  • antibacterial

Rose petals:

  • mood-enhancing, stress-relieving aphrodisiac considered a rejuvenating elixir in some cultures
  • the sight and smell are soul-warming

Tips for tea:

For each cup, pour a teaspoon of tea mix with hot water, soak for 4-5 minutes and then strain.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.


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