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Onion minced 20-40 mm

Dried Onion slices

Origin of onion, natural habitat

Onions are vegetables, commonly known and used fresh or in dried form. There are many cultivated / bred varieties of onions from Central Asia that are widespread around the world, all add something extra to the taste of the food and are not really interchangeable.

How are dried onion slices made?

Dried onion slice is a sliced ​​version of the vegetable prepared by slow dehydrating. Fresh or frozen onions are used for dehydrating. The process is a kind of preservation, as a result,  dried onion slices retain the content of onions much longer and the taste becomes much more intense.

What foods can dried onion slices be used for?

This condiment can be used in soups, stews, fried fish and meat dishes, vegetable one-course dishes, sauces, ragouts, cheese, cottage cheese, and butter spreads, among others.

The use of dried onion slices is convenient and economical, as 1 kg of dried onion slices is the equivalent of 6-8 kg of raw onions.

Onions are preserved not only in slices but also in granules and powder form.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.


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