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Smoked chili powder -Chipotle powder

Smoked chili - chipotle powder 

Smoked chili - chipotle powder is made of green jalapeño pepper, also known as the king of peppers, which is a type of pepper, capsicum annuum.

The origin and natural habitat of jalapeño 

On the Scoville scale, it is measured at 3,000 to 10,000 units, medium or highly pungent chipotle is a typical South American spice and is home to Mexico . Also known as Moritas, the term refers to the deep red color of smoked jalapeño

How is smoked chili – chipotle powder made?

According to the traditional process, the ripened jalapeños are placed into a pit dug into the ground, and smoked by burning the wood of pecan trees. The process lends a special aroma to these chilis. About 5kg of jalapeño is required to make 1 kg of smoked chili - chipotle powder.

What foods can smoked chili chipotle powder be used for?

It is one of the basic components of Mexican cuisine, its use is extremely diverse.

  • It is not only used for cooked or roasted meat dishes and beans, but soups as well. In fruity recipes, it gives a strong and special contrast to sweet flavours. For dishes prepared in a cauldron, such as soups and stews made from wild meat, it lends a unique aroma to the essentially smoky flavour. 
  • Smoked chili powder - chipotle powder can also be used for grilled dishes.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.


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