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Himalaya black fine salt

Himalayan black fine-grained rock salt

The origin of the Himalayan black fine-grained rock salt

With the spread of a modern, health-conscious approach to life, “Himalayan salt” has gained tremendous popularity in a relatively short period of time. Its natural salt bed was once a vast, ancient sea that dried up over thousands of years and then sank into a riverbed. Himalayan black fine-grained rock salt that comes from the mountains rising in present-day Pakistan contains more than 75 different trace elements and minerals, and is one of the richest types of salts with significant physiological effects. During the process of refining and then grinding, the colour of the Himalayan black fine-grained rock salt turns to light brown.

What foods can Himalaya black fine-grained rock salt be used for?

Himalayan black fine-grained rock salt is one of the purest and most beneficial types of salts with physiological effects, which has not only nutritional but also therapeutic properties. Himalayan black fine-grained rock salt, used as a condiment for cooking, has a more intense flavour compared to common table salt, so much less is needed. It is a gourmet salt that can be used as a general table salt.

  • The taste of fried, steamed and roasted as well as grilled meat and fish dishes can be enhanced with the help of Himalaya black fine-grained rock salt.
  • Himalayan black fine-grained rock salt makes the taste of meat and vegetable soups, green salads and one-course dishes made of vegetables more harmonious.
  • It is a type of salt that can be used for both pre-pickling and finishing salt.
  • The flavour of sauces, gravy or cheese and butter spreads can be enhanced by the Himalayan black fine-grained rock salt.
  • It can also be used for sprinkling as decoration on cakes, desserts, baked goods and salads.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.


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