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Celery seed 250g

Celery seeds are  sprinkled on top of breads and savory cookies, and it can be used to make a delicious refreshing drink: mix tomato juice with ice and sprinkle celery seeds on top.

By using celery seeds as a single spice to make egg and fish dishes and sprinkling them on top of fried vegetables, you can also get a variety of flavors.

Celery seeds taste similar to celeriac, but are bitter and more pungent, so they are used in smaller quantities.

There are two characteristic spice mixes made with celery.

The first is celery salt, which is added to some very popular food and drink: it is mixed with Bloody Mary as a drink or the rim of a glass is flavoured with it. It is also excellent for flavoring other vegetable-based smoothies and drinks.

It is said to be one of the secret ingredients of fast food fried chicken, also sprinkled on fried potatoes and other fried vegetables. Uniquely, they even use it to flavor popcorn in the US.

And what does it consist of? The ground celery seeds have to be mixed with salt (salt of the right quality) in equal proportions (or 1/2 celery, 2/3 salt if it is too strong). The makers of handcrafted and homemade products also add crumbled celery leaves in order to make the spice mix more colourful and fragrant.

For celery pepper, we mix ground black pepper with ground celery seeds and use it to flavour salads, soups and other dishes.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.


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