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Bourbon Vanilla Beans 250g

Vanilla is one of the most expensive, delicious and aromatic spices. Our vanilla beans are fresh and full of life!
Our vanilla pods are about 15-18 cm long, with a glossy surface, rounded at both ends, full of life, fresh, oily and bendable.

The best strands often show off the crystalline white vanillin, the true vanilla seeds. The quality of the vanilla is determined by its aroma, colour and pliability; brittleness is a sign of drying, which indicates a loss of aroma and therefore a dried vanilla pod is of lower enjoyment value.
Because of its value and its divine flavour, the question of how to store vanilla pods and how long they retain their freshness and aroma is an important one.

It is recommended that vacuum-packed bags should only be opened directly when the vanilla is to be used or further unpacked, but it is recommended that they should be opened within a maximum of 6 months. In the case of vacuum packing, there may be a small amount of brown liquid in the pouch when opening, but this is a natural part of the vacuum packing process, as the liquid is the oil that has been squeezed out of the vanilla during the process. If the contents of the opened vacuum bags need to be preserved for a longer period of time, it is recommended that they are stored in smaller vacuum bags or, if this is not possible, in smaller bags in the freezer to preserve their consistency.
If we have delivered the vanilla to you in plastic containers, we recommend that you transfer the bars to a tightly sealed glass container.

For longer storage in a container, it may also be necessary to ventilate the bars every week or two, by spreading the bars out and letting them air for about 10-15 minutes.
Vanilla pods should never be stored in the refrigerator. Refrigeration dries out the bars and the moisture released promotes the growth of mould, which is characteristic of vanilla bars.
If you experience mold, discard the bars and air out the rest of the vanilla bars. However, mould should not be confused with any precipitated crystal vanillin, in which case the vanilla is edible and even highly enjoyable.
Practices recommended for consumers for storing vanilla:
Consumers are advised to store vanilla in an airtight, resealable glass container in a cool, dark, dry place.

Keep fresh, bendable, oily vanilla in a cool, dry container in a cool, dry place.
If the vanilla has dried out during storage, it can be rehydrated at home by soaking it in milk or warm water for a few hours before use. But even when dried, vanilla extract and vanilla sugar can be made!
Fresh vanilla will keep its quality for up to two years if stored in the right conditions. But consumers are advised to use the vanilla they buy within 6-8 months.

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250 g/pcs