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Persian blue fine salt

Persian blue fine-grained rock salt

Origin of Persian blue fine-grained rock salt

This gourmet rock salt, also called Persian blue diamond, mined in northern Iran is a real rarity. The extraordinary colour of Persian blue salt, rich in mineral ingredients and trace elements, is actually an optical illusion. The blue colour is caused by the special crystal structure of the salt, which is formed by the enormous pressure that greatly influences the process of crystallization. Due to its decorative appearance and intense taste enhancing effect, Persian blue salt has been one of the most sought-after salt rarities since ancient times, and its popularity has been unbroken for thousands of years. The taste of unrefined Persian blue salt is outstandingly characteristic, which softens a lot during the refining process, gaining the gentler taste which can give an exquisit flavour to a wide variety of dishes.

What foods can Persian blue fine-grained rock salt be used for?

Persian blue fine-grained rock salt is a real gourmet salt, making all kinds of dishes more complete and more enjoyable. It has represented sophistication and luxury in every era, nothing of which has lost its prestige over the years.

  • Persian blue fine-grained rock salt lends an exceptional flavour to beef, an ideal choice for white fish and seafood, and goes particularly well with shrimp specialties.
  • Whether the carpaccio is made from beef tenderloin or red tuna, Persian blue salt is the perfect choice to boost the flavours of the food.
  • The uniqueness of truffle-based dishes is also enhanced by the silky-soft-tasting Persian blue salt.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.


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