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Tomato powder

Tomato powder

The origin and natural habitat of tomatoes

Tomatoes came from the tropical regions of America to the European continent during colonization. The colour of the fruit of the tomato plant that belongs to the potato family, is very varied. The most common and best known are yellow and red tomatoes, but thanks to breeding we can find varieties with blue, purple, and almost black color. Unlike other vegetables and fruits, tomatoes have a higher nutritional value in processed form than raw ones.

It is widely used not only raw, but also in many different processed forms in gastronomy. Even green tomatoes are ingredients in pickles, they are also very tasty when they are fried. Tomato juice and puree are made from ripe tomatoes, and dried tomatoes are also very popular.

The dehydrated, ground form of tomato, tomato powder not only serves as a food colouring, but is also an excellent condiment due to its intense aroma.

What foods can tomato powder be used for?

Tomato powder can be used for basically the same foods as fresh tomatoes, where  intense tomato flavour is more important than quantity and fibrous texture.

  • It significantly enriches the aroma and colour of meat and vegetable soups, stews and meat dishes with paprika powder.
  • It makes the colour and aroma of one-course dishes made from beans, such as chilis, and salads significantly fuller.
  • Tomato powder gives a rich flavour to a wide variety of dishes, it harmonizes perfectly well with basil, marjoram, oregano, thyme and red pepper.
  • It is an excellent condiment in the preparation of traditional, tomato-based Mediterranean pasta.
  • It gives a nice colour and rich flavour to meat patties made from minced meat, meat and vegetable bakes or casseroles.
  • Tomato powder makes mushroom soups and stews even more delicious. 


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