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Orange peels ground

Orange zest, ground

Origin of oranges, natural habitat

The fruit of the orange tree, which lives in the Mediterranean and subtropical regions, is a known source of vitamins. The outer layer of the orange peel is also used for culinary and medicinal purposes,  it is also used in cosmetic products. Vitamins and minerals can be found in much higher concentrations in grated, then dried and powdered orange peel than in the flesh or peel of raw fruit.

What foods can the ground form of orange zest be used for?

Oranges come to Europe from remote areas, they undergo a number of treatments to make the long journey without deteriorating quality and reaching the markets and then the tables in perfect ripeness. It may not be possible to remove these chemicals that are used for treatment at home. That is why dried and ground orange zest provides an economical and time-efficient solution for the food industry, catering and large-scale culinary purposes.

  • In Europe, the ground version of the orange peel is mainly used for sweet cakes, desserts, sauces, mousses and creams.
  • In addition to sweet foods, it gives a rich aroma to meat dishes, vegetable soups and salads, and it can add a rich and special taste to grilled foods.
  • Ground orange peel can be a perfect substitute for fresh orange zest, such as mulled wines and other hot drinks, or tea and coffee specialties.
  • Dried, ground orange zest is also a raw material for exotic spice blends, which can be used to emphasize the special flavours of the Balkan, Middle Eastern and Far Eastern cuisine.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.


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