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Bear's garlic (Ramsons)

Bear's garlic (Wood garlic, Ramsons)

The origin and natural habitat of Bear's garlic

Like all types of onions, wood garlic, which are widespread throughout Europe, is a herb with a strong aroma, but mostly green stems. The aroma of wood garlic is similar to garlic, but a little “greener”. However, when collected, it is this scent that helps to recognize and distinguish the plant from other similar but poisonous tuberous plants.

What foods can Bear's garlic be used for?

Although its tuber can be used in a manner similar to garlic, it is mostly the green, fresh, dried, or frozen preserved leaves of wood garlic that are used in food preparation. In addition, olive oil is also suitable for preserving dried wood garlic leaves and for making garlic pesto.

  • Its green, intense flavour is a great addition to flavouring salads made from a variety of raw or steamed vegetables.
  • With appropriate dosage, its characteristic taste is beneficial in cottage cheese, egg, butter, and cheese spreads.
  • When used in ragout soups, vegetable soups with herbs, tarragon, for example, and Mediterranean spices, a dish with a special taste can be prepared using wild onions.
  • Wood garlic can also be used with other onions, such as onion soups and onion salads.
  • Wood garlic are excellent for both vegan and vegetarian cuisine, e.g. tofu, seitan, or other vegetables used for protein replacement, e.g. lentils, beans and dishes made from mushrooms and chickpeas.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.


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