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Dead-sea salt

Dead Sea salt

The origin of Dead Sea salt

The gourmet salt originates from the salt lake known as the Dead Sea, which is situated at the border of Israel and Jordan. In addition to bath therapy purposes, Dead Sea salt is also available in a food-grade version, but the latter requires special care due to its very different composition of the salt from other ocean and sea salts.

Although the Dead Sea has the highest salinity in the world (30-40%!), It has a much lower, less than half,  NaCl (table salt) content than sea salt. At the same time, the level of other mineral content is outstanding. The mineral content also includes elements - e.g. bromine - which are unfit for human consumption, so the distilled salt is further washed and refined until all undesirable minerals are removed.

Because the ratio of table salt to minerals is in favour of the latter, Dead Sea salt tastes much gentler, less salty than commonly used and / or special rock and sea salt types.

What foods can Dead Sea salt be used for?

  • Dead Sea salt provides a pleasant, familiar taste, can be used as a multifunctional salt, ie as a table salt, for seasoning and as finishing salt, cooking and garnishing, for the preparation of practically any dish.
  • The small, natural snow-white Dead Sea salt grains dissolve excellently and quickly, so this type of salt is excellent for flavoring soups, stews and ragouts.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.


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