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Himalaya pink fine salt

Himalayan pink fine-grained rock salt

The origin of the Himalayan pink fine-grained rock salt

With the spread of the modern, health-conscious outlook on life, the “Himalayan salt”, which boasts of a pale pink colour, has gained tremendous popularity in a relatively short time. Its natural salt bed was once a vast, ancient sea that dried up over thousands of years and then sank into a riverbed. Himalayan pink fine-grained rock salt from the mountains rising in present-day Pakistan contains more than 75 different trace elements and minerals, and is one of the richest types of salt with significant physiological effects. Its rosy shade is due to its iron content.

What foods can Himalaya pink fine-grained rock salt be used for?

Compared to other types of salt, Himalayan pink  fine-grained rock salt has a slightly sweet taste, it still can be used as a general table salt, it can be considered as  a multifunctional type of salt.

Due to its sweet taste, Himalayan pink fine-grained rock salt is excellent for:

  • Fruit salads,
  • Cooling drinks, slushies, sherbet,
  • Sweet desserts such as puddings, cakes, and
  • can also be used to flavor coffee and caramel-based toppings, ice creams and creams.
  • Himalaya pink fine-grained rock salt harmonises with pineapple, adding a unique aroma.
  • Himalayan pink fine-grained rock salt adds full rich flavors to all curry-type dishes.

Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.


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