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Juniper berries whole 1000g

Juniper berries grow locally too, the more sunlight reaches the berries, the more intense their aroma. After harvesting, the berries are green first and then mature on the plant for a year, during which time they change from ash blue to black.

Their use in the food industry is multifaceted, because it is used not only as the main spice of game meat, but also for making drinks: its special flavour is extremely good in alcoholic beverages, such as gin.  juniper berries gives a characteristic flavour. At the regions of Upper Hungary „borovicka” and in Transylvania „pine water” are made from juniper berries as well.

Juniper berries contain many kinds of essential oils, thanks to which they have an appetizing, disinfecting and muscle relaxing effect.

Be sure to add juniper berries to the marinade of game meats. The taste is spicyly sweet, with a slight pine resin, reminds us of the typical scent of pine  along with a spicy aroma. It is used primarily for marinating wild boar, rabbit and wild pigeon, but is also added to dishes made from mutton, beef and pork, as well as sauerkraut, red and white cabbage.

Squeezed or crushed a little, the aroma prevails better, but due to the strong taste we should use it with moderation. The flavours work well if the juniper is combined with bay leaves, black pepper, mustard seeds, garlic, marjoram and thyme.

We have put together a number of ideas for using these berries on our Pinterest page here: Pinterest Boróka


Store in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight.



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